POS Displays

POS displays

From countertop to freestanding displays. We bring your idea to life.

Thanks to the wide selection of materials and technologies available at our own production facility we are able to produce the full range of permanent POS displays: endcap and countertop displays, promotion stands, freestanding units, pallet displays and many more.

We cover all production steps in-house from laser cutting, CNC-milling to printing and assembly. We also install your products to the POS display and offer commissioning and single dispatch.



Individually designed solutions.

All our Shop-in-Shop solutions have been individually designed and implemented for different retail markets such as electronic retailers, DIY, showrooms, supermarkets and specialist retailers. Through these projects we have gained expertise in terms of functionality, durability and cost efficiency.

We produce Shop-in-Shop systems made of wood, acrylic and metal as well as a combination of those. We always cater to the needs of our clients and cover different retail spaces with modular solutions. This allows our customers to adapt their Shop-in-Shop systems to their specific requirements.

Stands, Shelves, Racks

Stands, shelves, racks

Metal? Wood? Acrylic? We make it happen.

Based on your ideas and requirements Inex System will find the right production technology to offer you the best, tailored-made products. We choose the perfect match from a wide range of materials and technologies according to your budget and point of sale. High quality and well-finished edges are as important for us as stability, durability and functionality. Over the years of cooperation with leading European companies we have gained experience with all sorts of products such as cosmetics, sanitary, flooring and clothing.

Interactive POS

From integrated media players to interactive sales displays.

Are you looking for a unique product presentation that really catches the consumers’ attention? Are you looking for a digital sales assistant? Are you planning a special promotion? Inex System has the right solution for your needs.

We offer individually programmed touchscreen solutions and media players to show your product pictures or videos.

Placed on the product shelf the interactive advisor helps the consumer to easily access product information, compare different items and make a purchase decision. Touchscreens can also be used for your sales promotions. Intuitive user interface and attractive design enhance the shopping experience for the consumer.

Analysis & reports

Measuring the success of your POS terminals has never been easier.

All devices deliver data from the point of sale in real time. This allows you to easily monitor the key performance indicators (eg. frequency, user rate and conversion rate) of your POS campaign. Furthermore, content can be updated remotely.

Get interactive!

Browse through some examples of interactive product advice and get some inspiration for your sales display.


Win - Win

How you and your consumer will profit from our POS Terminals

  • Sales increase due to positive influence on consumer's purchase decision
  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Unique selling position 
  • Integration of marketing activities such as newsletter, product news and raffles
  • Objective and constant product advice
  • Visualization of product features
  • Attracting presentation of the product information 
  • Filter options according to product characteristics
  • Comparison mode for similar products

Special requests?

No problem! We manufacture all kind of individual POS projects. Just let us know how we can help you.